BurningMan Full
Burning Man
Physical Characteristics
Race Unidentified
Personal Information
Affiliation Bushido Blaster Captains
Status Alive

Defeated by Kenstar

The Burning Man is a character in the Girlchan in Paradise series. Not much is known about the Burning Man, even his Bushido Blaster Buster Captain number is a mystery. He sports a cocky attitude due to his ability to ignite his body, has an incredibly annoying accent, and even states that "he has no weakness". Yusuke, irritated by his cocky attitude, decided to "attack him head on" (despite Guy's warning). He is promptly lit on fire (and Kenstar finally understands why attacking Burning Man head on was a bad idea). This instils fear into the party (Guy even decided to write his will with paper supplied by Kotobaru-san-sama which he, fortunately, had on hand). Despite the pessimistic views of the rest of the G-Fighters, Kenstar defeated Burning Man by dousing him with a water bucket nearby. Burning Man acknowledged the party's strength and allowed them to pass.


  • I hate to interrupt this, but... eeeuuuhhhhhhh.
  • I acknowledge your ssssssstren-th. You have defeated me, and I will let you pass.
  • You'll never beat my secret technique!
  • IIIIIII catch on fire, you see!
  • I have no weaknessss!