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Physical Characteristics
Race Prokaryotic being
Eye Color Blue
Personal Information
Affiliation Bushido Blaster Captains
Status Alive

Galacticamaru (Japanese: ガラクチカマル) is the main antagonist of the Girlchan in Paradise series, and leader of the Taisho Bushido Blaster Buster Captains.

He is a non-human immortal prokaryotic (bacterial) being (which explains everything). He was defeated by Yusuke in Episode 3 and hasn't been seen since.[1]


Galaticamaru is confident of his ability to rule the universe. He confronts the G-Fighters frequently by crashing through buildings and casually conversing with them (often bragging about his powers or the powers of his captains). His physical nature is that of a strict non-human, immortal, prokaryotic being (which explains everything). However, Galaticamaru did suffer a defeat from his former captain and G-Fighter Yusuke when the party was eating lunch at the Sushi Store and he mistakingly referred to the group's "hotdogs" as "hamburgers." This enraged Yusuke, and empowered him to deal a finishing blow to Galaticamaru which sent him thundering into the distance. Whether Galaticamaru has recovered is unknown.

Fighting skillEdit

Galaticamaru's true fighting ability is unknown, but his defeat at the hands of Yusuke implies room for improvement.


Technique Description Background Images
Blood Moon Infusion The Blood Moon reflects light off of Galaticamaru's body (representing alignment with the Blood Moon). When the Blood Moon is in alignment with Galaticamaru, all of the Bushido Blaster Buster Captain's ki signatures are activated and become self-aware. The true effect of these signatures being self-aware are unknown.

Characters defeaedEdit



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