Physical Characteristics
Race Human
Eye Color Blue
Personal Information
Affiliation G-Fighters
Family Unknown
Status Alive

Girlchan (Japanese: ギルルチャン) is one of the G-Fighters. She is Swirly Glasses' love interest, though she is in love with Yusuke. She was priced for -$50,000,000,000 by Maytag.


Girlchan spends most of her time being quiet while her friends sort out the disputes. In fact, she often is never even in view during most of the action, only throwing in a comment rarely, often about her love for Yusuke. Her love for Yusuke is solid and was unwavering even after Swirly Glasses' proffesion of his love for her backed up by strong logical argument. Also, she likes to play with her over sized boobs.

Physical description Edit

  • Overly large breasts
  • Pink crazy hair
  • Wears small as hell bikini thing. So basically, nothing
  • Kinda sexy

Possible techniquesEdit

Although not confirmed, it is possible Girlchan has many special powers. She may have the ability to change her breast size, as she is once seen in Episode 2 bearing breasts much larger than normal.[1] It is also possible Girlchan has the ability of gravity manipulation, as shown in her aside in Episode 1]].[2] She may even have the power of invisibility, since she is rarely ever seen despite being one of the G-fighters.


  • Oh, Yusuke-san is so dreamy.
  • I wish that I could be his love interest, but he is incapable of love, due to his dark and brooding past, you see.
  • Oh Swirly Glasses, thats only when you sleep and think of things when you are SLEEPING!!!
  • Pui Pui
  • Oh, Yusuke's only kidding, haha!


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