"Hot Heat" is the opening theme song of Girlchan in Paradise. It was written by Kingdoom, with lyrics written by Arin Hanson and Josh Tomar. It was performed by Kingdoom, with lyrics sung by Hanson. It premiered February 21, 2009 at the beginning of Episode 1. [1]


Don't gimme your heart ache,
Girlchan you're mine and that's all it takes,
I don't want you though, you're not my fire,
Live on the edge of edge living desire,
Fisting my heart so angrily,
It's eyebrow rage now can't you see,
I have a rival named Yusuke,
He's kinda strong but mostly gay,
Listen to your heart, listen to the beat
Listen to the rhythm of that street,
Don't gimme your hot heat,
Let's all meet at
Girlchan in Paradise!


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