Kenpachi Rama-sama Full
Kenpachi Rama-sama
Physical Characteristics
Race Human
Eye Color Yellow
Personal Information
Affiliation Unknown
Family Yusuke(son)
Status Alive

Kenpachi Rama-sama (Japanese: ケンパチラマサマ) is the father of Yusuke. He resides in a dojo which appears to be a large doghouse. The G-Fighters use him as a source of knowledge to answer their questions.[1]

A very old man, Kenpachi leans on a long wooden staff for support, even while sitting. He also appears to have no teeth, although this does not noticeably hamper his speech.

Father of YusukeEdit

Unknown to Kenstar, Kenpachi Rama-sama is the father of Yusuke, and he shares Yusuke's yellow eyes. He refers to Yusuke's mother as "some broad," and it can be assumed that this woman is also Kenstar's mother.

He had an affair with the Goddess of Wisdom: Rinakusenkairen, but she had an abortion.


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