KenstarPortrait 600x600
Physical Characteristics
Race Human
Eye Color Blue
Personal Information
Affiliation G-Fighters
Family Yusuke
Kenpachi Rama-sama
Kobiyashi Sama San-chan
Kenstar's Mother
Status Alive

Kenstar (Japanese: ケンスターラー) is the main protagonist of Girlchan in Paradise. He is "The One", meaning that he is the only person capable of using certain techniques or defeating certain enemies. He comes from a special bloodline which grants him a superior fighting technique.


Kenstar is generally quite calm despite facing several difficult situations. Even in the face of danger, he can stay focused and find the best way to defeat his opponents. He is quick to forgive and is also very trusting and loyal, particularly to Yusuke who has turned on him multiple times. However, Kenstar is often confused about his surroundings and seems surprisingly unaware of many things, which leads him to becoming shocked when he hears any news. Kenstar appears to be unaware of the pronunciation of the names of the other G-Fighters.

Physical DescriptionEdit

Kenstar has glossy brown, unkempt hair. He has a thin, athletic frame with a mildly muscular structure. His eyes are blue but in the background in the credits he has brown eyes, differing from his siblings Yusuke and Kobayashi-Sama-San-Chan who have yellow/turquoise eyes. Even since his childhood, he also sports a large bandage on his nose. He wears a white fighter's uniform with blue and red accents.


Yusuke (Brother)Edit

Kenstar is well-known to be the brother of Yusuke as well as his biggest rival. They hardly speak to each other despite traveling together. A certain event occured at the playground they went to as children, and ever since then, Yusuke has had a reason to fight his brother Kenstar.

Benstar (Rumored)Edit

Benstar has a mysterious connection to Kenstar, bearing a similar frame, skin, eye color (despite having a pale blue film over one eye) and style of speech. Initially, Benstar is shrugged off by the G-Fighters as a crazy old man as he attempts to warn them of coming dangers. After using the bloodline technique and revealing an adhesive on his nose, Kenstar concludes that Benstar is related to him, though he never reveals a full understanding of what their relationship is and rather claims it "in his heart".

Speculation: The following is only speculation and should not be considered canon

Kobayashi-Sama-San-Chan (Brother)Edit

He is also possibly brothers with Kobayashi-Sama-San-Chan, shown when they played together as children. It is likely that they have different fathers due to their different skin color. However, the relationship has not been confirmed, and they may be connected only through Yusuke.

Speculation: End of Speculation

As a G-FighterEdit

Fighting SkillEdit

Kenstar is one of the stronger G-Fighters. He has knowledge of several techniques and has even been able to defeat enemies without the need of them. He knows precisely which tactic to use with each opponent, but also knows how to talk his enemies down to avoid a fight. He has defeated 31 of the 32 Bushido Blasters.


Technique Description Background Images
Bloodline Technique


Kenstar must first charge up this technique, during which time he is surrounded by a yellow fiery aura. It is unknown what the technique actually does. Kenstar acquired this special technique from his bloodline. Bloodline Technique

Ultimate Pencil Break


The technique begins by breaking the pencil held by an opponent, followed by three consecutive blows to the stomach, spine, nose. The technique then finishes by snapping the opponent's arm in half. Possibly taught by his mother, Kenstar uses this technique to defeat The Artist in the Flat-Surfaced Area. Kenstar had been saving this technique to use against Yusuke after finding out that he was Taisho Captain thirty-one. Ultimate Pencil Break 1 Ultimate Pencil Break 2

Characters defeatedEdit

Burning Man - Episode 2Edit

After arriving at "some kind of dojo," the G-Fighters had their first encounter with one of Galactica-Maru's thirty-two captains. When the captain activated his "flaming body" technique, Yusuke attempted to attack him head on, only to be burned in the attempt. Just when everyone else had given up hope, Kenstar grabbed a nearby bucket of water to put out the captain's flames, thus defeating him.

The Artist - Episode 2Edit

After convincing Yusuke to join the party, the G-Fighters arrived in some "flat surfaced area". They encountered another one of Galacticamaru's thirty-two captains. Yusuke again tried attacking head on but he was countered by a punch. After that, Kenstar then used the technique "Ultimate Pencil Break" that was taught by his mother, thus defeating him.

Yusuke - Episode 3Edit

After Yusuke commits suicide using Kotomaru's revolver, Guy asks how many Bushido Blasters left. Frustrated with the task of defeating all 32, Kenstar roundhouse kicks Bushido Blasters # 2-32, hitting Yusuke in the process.

All 32 Bushido Blasters (Other than # 31, 12, 1, Burning Man, and the Artist) - Episode 3Edit

When Guy asks how many Bushido Blasters are left after defeating Maytag, Kenstar simultaneously defeats the remaining 27 by roundhouse kicking them.


  • Yusuke! You are my brother, but also my biggest rival!
  • That explains everything!
  • What IS this place?!
  • Who's going to cover this bill?
  • What...why not?
  • Oh, that is why!
  • Galacticamaru is immortal!
  • I don't know, I am strong too!
  • I disagree, but you can think whatever you like!
  • Must be draw!
  • Yes. And... these flavor sticks really add to the taste!
  • Hey, alright!
  • How will we ever defea...wait that's not my li...
  • Wow, that's pretty annoying.
  • Is this the episode where we say the f-word?
  • I read about this in a magazine...
  • His new power is taken off the leash!
  • Hey!! Kenstar here, telling you to stay in school! You don't want to be a fool like my silly brother Yusuke!
  • You are wrong.
  • What were we doing? OhyeahthetwinsofThermopolaye...
  • Yusuke! What are you doing up on that roof there?
  • Wait! I have a plan!


  • According to Egoraptor, Kenstar used to be a mech pilot, although apparently not very skilled.
  • Kenstar is named after Ken Starr, as Arin revealed (for the first time) on an episode Game Grumps.[1]