Kenstar's Mother

She is the mother of Kenstar and Yusuke. Her only appearance was in a flashback at the end of Episode 2.[1] Kenstar refers to her as "Mama-san". She told Kenstar to break that pencil and that was when Kenstar learned the "Ultimate Pencil Break" technique. Her current whereabouts are unknown and may have some trauma tied to her for Kenstar, as he becomes very upset after recalling the memory. Her husband who fathered Kenstar remains unseen throughout the series. Assuming she is also Yusuke's mother, she is just "some broad" (according to Kenpachi Rama-sama.)

Physical descriptionEdit

She is a young and well-endowed woman who has glossy brown hair and blue eyes similar to her son Kenstar, and is seen in her flashback appearance wearing a purple long-sleeved V-neck, exposing some of her cleavage. She also looks to be wearing green lipstick. 



  • Dear son Kenstar; break that pencil!


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