Physical Characteristics
Race Human
Eye Color Blue
Personal Information
Affiliation G-Fighters
Status Alive

Kotomaru (Japanese: コトマル) is one of the G-Fighters in the Girlchan in Paradise series.


Kotomaru is a very serious person, manifested particularly by his humorless voice. He is also quite observant and intelligent, and he always seems to know what is going on before the other G-Fighters, exemplified, for instance, by his ability to recognize that a certain store owner was an impostor. Along with his serious attitude comes a bit of ruthlessness, such as his impulsive murder of the two Twins of Thermopylae.

As a G-FighterEdit


Kotomaru uses his intelligence to help the G-Fighters decide on a plan when needed. However, he keeps much of his knowledge hidden until everyone else has figured it out.

Fighting skillEdit

Kotomaru is skilled with pistols, seen wielding a large revolver in Episode 3, with which he has defeated more characters than most of the other G-Fighters (Kenstar has defeated the most, having defeated all the Bushido Blasters, other than Swirly Glasses).[1] He also has a secret technique which can supposedly destroy "a whole kitchen."


Technique Description Background Images
Secret Power


A shining aura appears around the user and a tornado-like wind swirls about him. Causes destruction in a small area around the user. Kotomaru apparently learned this techniquue while he was training, away from the G-Fighters. He showed off his new technique upon his return, causing Yusuke to become envious. Guy is the only other character who seemed to be aware of this ability beforehand, stating that the last time Kotomaru used the technique, it destroyed a whole kitchen. Kotomaru's Power

Characters DefeatedEdit

Imposter Store Owner - Episode 3Edit

When the store owner told the G-Fighters that the meal was on the house, Kotomaru realized that he was an imposter, since the real store owner would never give them a free meal. Kotomaru then immediately shot him.

Imposter Store Owner no. 2 - Episode 3Edit

After dispatching the first imposter, yet another imposter was found stuffed in a closet. He was thought to be the real store owner at that time. Once rescued, he offered the G-Fighters a free meal as thanks. Kotomaru then shot him cleanly between the eyes, based on the same reason as with the first imposter. Egoraptor has confirmed on a livestream that this guy isn't the real store owner.[2]

Twins of Thermopolaye - Episode 3Edit

Annoyed by their finishing each other's sentences, Kotomaru shot both twins dead. For some reason he took three shots even though the twins were already dead from the first two bullets. At this point, Kotabaru-san-sama questions his reasoning, to which Kotomaru replies "I DON'T CARE, OK!?"

A Whole Kitchen- Episode 1Edit

Kotomaru once destroyed this with his secret technique.

Thirst - Episode 2Edit

Kotomaru reveals that he has his own secret rival, thirst, not shared with Kenstar and the gang, and defeats it quickly with one gulp.


  • Hmph. An artist...
  • Hmph. Looks like you haven't, been training.
  • And for good reason, HHHUUUUUAAAAA!!!
  • Hmph. Oh no. Hmph
  • Hmph. I agree. Hmph. We shouldn't waste any time. Hmph. We should intterupt him. Hmph. So that he can't power up. Hmph.


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