SwirlyGlasses Full
Swirly Glasses
Physical Characteristics
Race Human
Personal Information
Affiliation G-Fighters

Bushido Blaster Captains

Status Alive

Swirly Glasses (Japanese: スイルルグラサズ) is just a big "nuisance". He is always "getting in the way" and obstructing the other G-Fighters' "forward motion". For the most part, he seems timid and apologetic about this.

He is fond of Girlchan, as evidenced by his request that she go out with him. However, as Girlchan is in love with Yusuke, Swirly Glasses is rejected.

As a Captain Bushido BlasterEdit

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Swirly Glasses is Captain Bushido Blaster #1. This was revealed in Episode 3 when Kenstar roundhouse kicked the rest of the Bushido Blasters and Swirly Glasses interrupted his path.[1]


Technique Description Background Images
Form 1 Swirly Glasses has at least three power forms. The first of which is simply his base form. This form is very weak. This is Swirly Glasses' natural form as he appears normally.
Swirly Glasses form 1
Form 2 In Form 2, Swirly Glasses bulges into a super-muscular persona. This gives him the ability to unleash a bright flash of energy, effectively throwing his opponents into the air. It appears that this form can be activated instantaneously. Known as his "true power", this form was first revealed shortly after Swirly Glasses showed himself to be the 1st Bushido Blaster.
Swirly Glasses form 2
Form 3 (Level 150%) Unlike Form 2, this form requires approximately 22 seconds to activate. However, the only visible change is his glasses becoming greener. Unfortunately, the G-Fighters were unable to prevent Swirly Glasses from reaching this form because of their slowness in deciding what to do.


  • Oh, sorry.
  • Eee hee hee hee hee!
  • All the better reason for you to date me Girlchan!
  • Oh I have like a, like a greener pair of glasses.
  • Lightning! ...Pchu pow pa paaa pa pa....


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